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The Department of Micro-Poetics concludes this week at the AC Institute in New York with a four day residency by Paolo Javier 13-16th October 2010. Paolo describes his project as follows: 

During his residency at the Department of Micro Poetics, Queens Poet Laureate PAOLO JAVIER will complete obb a.k.a. the original brown boy, a collaborative multimedia poetry comic begun in 2006 that imagines an octopus and a catfish moving through New York City at the turn of the new millennium. Comic (book art) history, (trans)nationalism, race, and desire are among obb’s many intersections and collisions.


The work also foregrounds the presence of the poetic in comic books, and experiments with it in a fragmented text built on/with/from/through illustration, cut-up, collage, video, and painting. Javier will be joined by collaborators ERNEST CONCEPCION, MIKE ESTABROOK, and ROBERTO JAMORA throughout the residency, and will exhibit the entirety of their collaboration with a talk and performance on the last day.


Paolo will be working in the AC Institute space from Wednesday to Saturday. Join him on Saturday October 16th for a reception at 3pm and a talk/ performance at 4pm.

Goldfish Kisses, a fifty five-page chapbook excerpt from obb, appeared in a limited edition published by Sona Books in 2007. Extracts from the project can be viewed here and here.


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