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Sphere of Possible Comprehension

VerySmallKitchen is pleased to announce the publication of two new e-publications. 

WRITING EXHIBITIONS: AN ASSEMBLING  features contributions from: David Berridge, Anne Charnock, Hyun Jin Cho, Fiona Fullam, Matthew Giraudeau, Marianne Holm Hansen, David Johnson, Helen Kaplinsky, Pippa Koszerek, Matthew MacKisack, Tamarin Norwood, Kim Patrick, Heather Ring/ The Wayward Plant Registry. Curated/ Assembled by David Berridge. 

ESSAYING ESSAYS: AN ASSEMBLING  features experiments in essaying from: David Berridge; Rachel Lois Clapham; Emma Cocker; Alex Eisenberg; Fiona Fullam; Alex Hardy; Éilis Kirby; Jenny Lawson; Patricia Lyons; Pete McPartlan; John Pinder. Assembled by David Berridge as part of ESSAYING ESSAYS: A TEMPORARY COLLECTIVE OF READERS, one of seven projects by the FREE PRESS collective exploring economies of ideas and alternative modes of dissemination and exchange.

Both magazines adopted the methodology of Richard Kostelanetz ASSEMBLING publications, for which contributers supplied 1000 copies of their contribution of up to 4 pages. For both of these PDF-internet manifestations of ASSEMBLING, contributers were asked to provide three A4 pages in response to the project title.

The image above is from Pete McPartlan’s “Reader’s Blocks” project, which he undertook as part of ESSAYING ESSAYS.  Read more about it here.

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