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The latest VerySmallKitchen publication is Mental Furniture by Claire Potter, published October 2014. Full details here.  
Before that we published 2 blue cups on two different corners of the table by Ohad Ben Shimon. Read, listen, and purchase a copy here.
The Little Shed of Various Lamps by Nikolai Duffy is available here.
Theatre of Objects by seekers of lice is available here.
Uh Duh by Sarah Jacobs (co-published with LemonMelon) is here.


Uh-Duh by Sarah Jacobs (LemonMelon/ VerySmallKitchen 2012)



The following e-books are currently available for online consumption and PDF download:



LEAVES by SJ Fowler: “Emperor, ruling his peebles/ knowing we need trees to breath/ protecting them with lions.” LEAVES was written for and first performed at Evergreen, X Marks the Bökship, London on March 30th 2012, part of an evening of readings, performances and soup around the theme of leaves, curated by VerySmallKitchen for the London visit of Márton Koppány.

EDITORIAL by nick-e melville: “sentencing backlash/ as riot moth/ is set free.” Tippex the papers and correct the news at I AM NOT A POET, Totalkunst Gallery, Edinburgh 20/21 August 2011. Various tippexeditors. Facilitated and arranged by nick-e melville

SOME FAMOUS SIGNING  EVENTS by Francis Raven: “simile of/ llie signature nf the general agent fit// on consignment, for/ sum by// money, to more (discretion, with/ out limit assigned, without object specified// in the chamber assigned to him, and with/ the bonds of// enrolled bills signed by the presiding…”

I AM NOT A POET ASSEMBLING  This publication was assembled and distributed at the Totalkunst Gallery,Edinburgh on August 21st 2011, as the conclusion of I AM NOT A POET. Participants in the show – which took place from 7-21st August – were invited to contribute an A4 sheet to a loose leaf b/w assemblage, whatever they wished to appear under the title of I AM NOT A POET.

From the Occult Diary of Hosni Mubarak by Paolo Javier and Matt Jones: “I had this strange thing in me, my own past, my roots, I have no memory of what I ate until I was twenty…”

Memo Seven by Neil Chapman. “Ludovico Aristo, The Frenzy of Orlando; Jules Barbey d’Aurevlly, A Former Mistress; Honoré Balzac, The Human Comedy, The Unknown Masterpiece; Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida; Cyrano de Bergerac, A Voyage to the Moon; Hans Blumenberge, The Legibility of the World…”

Other Gardens -Version 12 by Alison Ballance. “Seeds were put into place to grow. Now they are sitting in a room above a garden with a radio on hum hum hum. An Eye sighs and cherry picks and gets lazy. A nudge please – I want to be lost please please carry on, look harder…”

FOURTH THING by Fiona Templeton, who writes: “Each week of the 6-week exhibition Achipelago I will creative an invisible thing to install on a shelf. The thing will be made of words, which I will improvise and record on site. Each week I will make a book of this text and put it on the shelf to make the thing visible. By the end of the exhibition there will be six shelves, each with a thing.”

BULLETINS by Mary Yacoob collects 19 individual bulletins that were Mary’s contribution to VerySmallKitchen’s long distance residency at the AC Institute, New York City, in Sep-Oct 2010. BULLETINS begins with an index, a listing of times and places these drawings took place, a record of a moment, the form, the line, and the emergent structure.

lilmp by seekers of lice unfolds a poetics entwined in the materiality and soundscapes of its (own) language.  Try saying the title aloud. Not unpronouncable, but hard for the mouth and tongue to negotiate between that second “l” and “m.” Maybe this is a palindrome, but the way back poses even severer problems! lilmp is improvisatory, diaristic, re-searching, close to home as it heads out, scouring through windows and along streets, adrift in its vocabularies…

LIKE IT IS: PRELUDE by Nyeema Morgan is the first e-book of the FESTIVAL OF NEARLY INVISIBLE PUBLISHING. A festival in itself, a document, a proposal, of something that has happened, will happen and won’t. Of necessity the book form offers a coherent sequence, a momentary sense of order, but only to enable the diverse wholes that LIKE IT IS: PRELUDE proposes…

WORK IN PROGRESS by Mary Paterson reveals the extent of what is at stake in the notion of WORK IN PROGRESS: the texts, books, writings such work is constituted by, and the libraries, book cases, and archives that they become part of; the relation of objects to memory; the transformations wrought when one process, person, and/or media makes space for and invites another into its own unfolding.

NOTES by Rachel Lois Clapham, began as a live performance for the ART WRITING FIELD STATION, becoming a sequence of drawing-writings (NOTES) proposing a gestural calligraphic, asemic, documenting, and (glyphic-) exploratory art writing. NOTES of the moment, inhabiting past, present and future. As its paired epigrams remind us: “One of the pressures of writing is bodily” and “Movement is necessarily punctual.”

TEXT AS TOOLKIT: A Practical Handbook by Tamarin Norwood is the first in a series of e-chapbooks developed from the Art Writing Field Station. As Tamarin observes in her introduction: “TEXT AS TOOLKIT proposes a methodology for reading and hence for writing.” The resulting sequence of texts, quotations, and spaces is both essay, performance script, and workbook, aiming at its own obsolescene through the “robust and raucous explorations” it hopes to prompt in its readers.

ESSAYING ESSAYS: AN ASSEMBLING features experiments in essaying from: David Berridge; Rachel Lois Clapham; Emma Cocker; Alex Eisenberg; Fiona Fullam; Alex Hardy; Éilis Kirby; Jenny Lawson; Patricia Lyons; Pete McPartlan; John Pinder. Assembled by David Berridge as part of ESSAYING ESSAYS: A TEMPORARY COLLECTIVE OF READERS, one of seven projects by the FREE PRESS collective exploring economies of ideas and alternative modes of dissemination and exchange.

WRITING EXHIBITIONS: AN ASSEMBLING features contributions from: David Berridge, Anne Charnock, Hyun Jin Cho, Fiona Fullam, Matthew Giraudeau, Marianne Holm Hansen, David Johnson, Helen Kaplinsky, Pippa Koszerek, Matthew MacKisack, Tamarin Norwood, Kim Patrick, Heather Ring/ The Wayward Plant Registry. Curated/ Assembled by David Berridge.





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