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VerySmallKitchen and LemonMelon are delighted to announce the first title in their collaborative book series: Uh Duh by Sarah Jacobs.  The author describes the book as follows:


The conversation between a poet and an artist at their first meeting was recorded. An extract from the transcription is presented:

‘So how would you where would you how would you describe what you what you do?’


According to Dr.Simon Morris:


This poet and artist are a slippery pair. The gaps left by their absent presence are clearly visible on the page as a space for the reader to interact with the text. The particularity of their laughter disturbs me…ha, ha, ha…heh, heh, heh. Like David Bowie’s laughing gnome I can’t quite catch them yet at the same time get left imagining a scary encounter over lunch in which the pair squirt caviar and honey at one another in a Paul McCarthyesque carnival of filth, whilst their transparent words collide in mid-air, smash into one another and leave us quite spent. Writing this tough is a car crash.


Uh Duh by Sarah Jacobs, LemonMelon & VerySmallKitchen 2012 | £8 | Softback | 30pp | 15 x 21 cm | ISBN 978 1 908260 11 6


The conversation continues:




Please join us for a performance reading of Uh Duh at X Marks the Bökship on Wednesday 25th January at 7pm.

X marks the Bökship,
210/Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
E2 9NQ


Uh Duh is also available for purchase here.












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