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Work gathered here was originally part of the  I AM NOT A POET ASSEMBLING, distributed at Totalkunst Gallery, Edinburgh on Aug 21st 2011, at the conclusion of I AM NOT A POET, a two week festival exploring connections of language, writing and art practice, co-curated by VerySmallKitchen and Mirja Koponen.

Participants in the show – which took place from 7-21st August – were invited to contribute an A4 sheet to a loose leaf b/w printed assemblage, whatever they wished to appear under the title of I AM NOT A POET.

Here are jpeg versions of projects by (from top) Colin Herd,  Kim Walker and (below) seekers of lice, Peter Cant/ Alex Eisenberg and Tamarin Norwood.




The full ASSEMBLING is online here, with contributions from:


Magdalen Chua, Emma Cocker, Peter Cant & Alex EisenbergJennie Guy, Colin Herd, Mirja Koponen, Shandra Lamaute, Michelle Letowska, Jow Lindsay, nick-e melville, Iain Morrison,  Marit Muenzberg, Tamarin Norwood, Mary Paterson, seekers of lice, Gerry Smith, Kim Walker, and Samantha Walton.






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