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Sandra Huber, from Sleep/ Writing/ Rooms, 2011





Sandra Huber SLEEP/ WRITING/ ROOMS  part one, part two, and part three

Nathanaël, The Middle Notebookes [extract]

Aodán McCardle,  ‘abair’: ANARCHEOLOGY part one and part two

Paul Antony Carr, Excerpts: Tadeusz & Gregory

Tine Melzer, Language Games Part One: On Colours and    Part Two: On Games




Tamarin Norwood, The Locations of Six Domestic Figures

Maurice Carlin, Notes on The Self Publisher

Jill Magi, An extract from SLOT


Matthew MacKisack, (A Comedy of) Danger

Stefan Riebel, somethings 07

Nico Vassilakis: Staring Appendix Part One

Neil Chapman, Memo Seven

Alison Ballance, Other Gardens – Version 12





from lilmp by seekers of lice, 2011


2011 began with two e-chapooks, lilmp by seekers of lice and  BULLETINS by Mary Yacoob. Later in the year came FOURTH THING by Fiona Templeton, as well as e-book versions of  Other Gardens -Version 12 by Alison Ballance and Memo Seven by Neil Chapman. The year concluded with  From the Occult Diary of Hosni Mubarak by Paolo Javier and Matt Jones.


from BULLETINS by Mary Yacoob, 2011




The first VSK Residency was Paul Antony Carr, who used the his time in the VerySmallKitchen to compose NATHANIEL’S PERPETUAL MOTION, a new narrative strand of his Excerpts project.


Paul Antony Carr from Nathaniel's Perpetual Motion, 2011


The image-text combinations were published in groups of three. See post one, post two, post three and post four.


Ohad Ben Shimon, from Post (2) 2 Dec 2011


Currently in residence is Ohad Ben Shimon. See (1) 14 November , (2) 2 December and (3) 20 December



Co-curated with Mirja Koponen, I AM NOT A POET took place at the Totalkunst Gallery, Edinburgh, 7-21 August. See here for the full program.


Jennie Guy’s Selected Crônicas


Tamarin Norwood These Are Not Poems



Magdalen Chua’s Passages of Silence: Justified Right, Flushed Left

Peter Cant and Alex Eisenberg, Instructions/Constructions

Mary Paterson, Memory Exchange

Emma Cocker’s Close Reading (C.O.P.V, 1950)


seekers of lice Creamy Language




“Failing to Work on So Many Levels” : Gerry Smith at I AM NOT A POET


Gerry Smith, Window Pieces, I AM NOT A POET, 2011





Recent talks, exhibitions and workshops have lead VerySmallKitchen to consider its relationships to teaching and pedagogy, how its explorations of writing, language and art practice can suggest and take place within a diverse array of learning situations…

This document is a draft that will be revised as appropriate over the coming months, as well as supplemented with other materials (book lists, essays, notes…).

The STUDIO project is also part of VerySmallKitchen’s residency at London’s X Marks the Bokship, which involves compiling an essay and bibliography on the use of scripts and scores in contemporary art writing, to be published in March 2012.


nick e-melville's EDITORIAL for I AM NOT A POET invited public alteration of the day's news...






The Tropisms of Nathalie Sarraute

Dick Higgins: What Are Legends: A Clarification

Guy de Cointet’s  ACRCIT

Jerome Rothenberg curated a selection of poems and criticism on the influence of Robert Motherwell’s The Dada Painter and Poets anthology.

James Baldwin’s Stranger in the Village

Special Issue on the Occassion of the Richard Kostelanetz Bookstore  at Kunstverein in Amsterdam.


Guy de Cointet, from ACRCIT (1971)





READING ENSEMBLE/ READING AS PUBLISHING a script for a collaboration with Jennie Guy that was performed at the Galway Arts Centre on January 22nd. This is Jennie’s pile of books:



KITCHEN ESSAYS include Small Ad Sweethearts of the Image Virus Do-Poetry, a survey of minimal poetries across writing and art practices, and Artists Talking at The Doubting Interface, on monologue, stand up, performance lecture and conversation in/as art practice.

A trip to Dublin to talk at the Art Criticism Now at The Lab, Dublin on 26th May was a great chance to begin to get a sense of  ART WRITING IN DUBLIN: PUBLICATIONS/ EXHIBITIONS/ PROJECTS  –  of which the first issue of ALLOTROPE (below) was one example.


Allotrope, Issue 1, 2011


Linda Short’s article I AM HIDING IN A ROSE: SWEENEY REED & CONCRETE POETRY explored the exhibition Born to Concrete: The Heide Collection. at the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Victoria.

At the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh, Gerry Smith and nick e-melville curated THETEXTISTHETEXT, under the frame of “visual poetry vs text art exhibition match.”


nick e-melville, junk mail, 2011





VerySmallKitchen starts 2012 with a new hard copy book series in collaboration with LemonMelon.  Our first title is Uh-Duh by Sarah Jacobs, which she describes as follows:


The conversation between a poet and an artist at their first meeting was recorded. An extract from the transcription is presented: ‘So how would you where would you how would you describe what you what you do?’

As well as the LemonMelon series, other hard copy projects include titles by seekers of lice and Paolo Javier.

In collaboration with Maintenant/3AM and Szépírók Társasága, VerySmallKitchen also will host a London visit by Márton Koppány from 28th March to April 1st 2012.  Details of publication, exhibition and performance to  follow. A dialogue with Márton is here.



Finally, VerySmallKitchen is excited to be part of A Pigeon, A Kichen and an Annexe: Alternative Sites of Publishing at Five Years Gallery in February, curated by Ladies of the Press, who have invited VerySmallKitchen, Pigeon and Annexe to work collaboratively on an exhibition. More info soon.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in these projects in 2011.  As Alison Ballance begins Other Gardens- Version 12:


Seeds were put into place to grow. Now they are sitting in a room above a garden with a radio on hum hum hum. An Eye sighs and cherry picks and gets lazy. A nudge please – I want to be lost please please carry on, look harder…





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