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Aodán McCardle, ‘abair’, An Gaileraí, Gweedore, Donegal, for Ciall 2011


… it’s called ‘abair’ which is  the gaelic verb ‘to say’ though ironically in the end my performance was mute at least verbally, in part due to the type of attention a ‘formal’ art audience was prepared to give especially in the circumstances of this particular exhibition and its subject…

… it became quite different to what i was setting up originally, much more visual and less vocal other than the sounds recorded on the powerpoint, the joys of improvisation, it was very good for me from the experience point of view in that you tend to learn a lot more in that way…

… I’ll be working on a book version but that will take the next year off and on and will have to deal with the different materiality of experience just as Caroline Bergvall moved and changed between book, installation and web version for éclat

(2) ‘abair’


Aodán McCardle, ‘abair’, An Gaileraí, Gweedore, Donegal, for Ciall 2011

VERYSMALLKITCHEN writes: This VSK Project is anarcheology of a performance by aodán mccardle at An Gailearaí, Gweedore, Donegal in response to Ciall 2011.

It is compiled by VerySmallKitchen – not present at the event itself – in response to an invitation from aodán to work with the numerous traces of the event towards an online presence for the project.

These included: its written score, the event proposal, the performance and installation itself, and how it was documented in email, still, sound and moving image.

Or not, for as aodán observes in an email 05/05/11:

The subsequent improvised site specific performance is a conversation that has been lost as both video cameras failed for different reasons. It will hopefully be glimpsed in its still silence at VerySmallKitchen… The blog there will be an archeological dig of the remnants.


Parts 2  of this project is here.


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