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The latest VerySmallKitchen chapbook is Fiona Templeton’s Fourth thing, which is available for online consumption and PDF download here.

The chapbook is one installment of Fiona’s project 6 Things, part of the exhibition Archipelago at the Cafe Gallery in Southwark Park (11 Jun-17 July 2011). The score for this project is as follows:


Each week of the 6-week exhibition Archipelago I will creative an invisible thing to install on a shelf. The thing will be made of words, which I will improvise and record on site. Each week I will make a book of this text and put it on the shelf to make the thing visible. By the end of the exhibition there will be six shelves, each with a thing.


At the show’s opening weekend, VerySmallKitchen picked up a copy of First thing, which occupied what at that time was a single small shelf on the gallery wall. I was interested if the project’s site specificity could unfold differently in the online context of VSK…

Fiona proposed that one week of the project also take the form of an online PDF chapbook, a further extension of the project’s shifting writer-engagement with visible and invisible, text and object, distribution and substitution.

More about Fiona’s work here.  The text begins:


A divided day

money flying




strangers’ eyes


flakes off


Continue reading here.




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