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LIKE IT IS: PRELUDE by Nyeema Morgan is the first e-book of the FESTIVAL OF NEARLY INVISIBLE PUBLISHING. A festival in itself, a document, a proposal, of something that has happened, will happen and won’t.

Of necessity the book form offers a coherent sequence, a momentary sense of order, but only to enable the diverse wholes that LIKE IT IS: PRELUDE proposes.

LIKE IT IS: PRELUDE is available for online consumption and PDF download  here .

LIKE IT IS:PRELUDE should also not be seen as the work itself. If there is such a work, it is to be found in the endless rearrangements that adobe and a hard copy might facilitate. A puzzle, then, but one in which the precise nature of the solution is up for grabs. 

A work, too, to encounter in unknown ways – which is difficult for a book with its name and title. 

As Nyeema writes, of previous incarnations of LIKE IT IS:PRELUDE : 

It is a digitally modified xerox of a text excerpt. The work itself, existing and having been manipulated within the computer, has no form. When exhibited, the work exists as ephemera, given form particular to the exhibition context.

In one instance LIKE IT IS: PRELUDE  was printed, framed and sat atop a night table left in the domestic space (similar to how someone might display a personal snapshot).

In another exhibition, it exists as a prelude to the work being shown in the form of the printed invitation, both mailed to the attendees and available in the space upon entrance.

For  THE FESTIVAL OF NEARLY INVISIBLE PUBLISHING this  e-book  is instruction, ingredient, proposition, record, making and deleting sense.  It is the work and not, with its materialities of types and ink and page that are not actually there. A delicate textual operation, but within modes of mass production and mass dissemination. Please disseminate.




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