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Indistinct objects.     He remembered the object of a gun and a loose eye. Wet leaves pasted together like sticky inner pockets soaked in blood.      As the sun rose over the trees it deposited little fragmented fossils: white, gritty, and with an abrasive surface, they grated against shale and looked like part of a pelvis or a shoulder. The sun made its excavation and pieced together some bones that might stay together in plan view. They contacted other things – loose change – with the sound of coins sliding over a shale of coins, coins – these ancient things – encased in flannel.      He was lying low in the mud with a feeling of something boozy swilling in him. The sun turned light over the coins and over his bones.      His mind grated and slipped on all the proximal matter. He made careful arrangements of the unobserved leaves with his eyes tightly closed against the red of the new sun. He ordered the nearby pebbles according to the strange subject of their familiarity.      Some small crescents filled with earth pressed somewhere out in the fields of his sensations. His head was lodged somewhere down below his face and his eyelids, so compressed, made no indented line on anything.       

The funny thing was that things became blacker at dawn and his own lucid appellative SUNBEAM slipped away from his consciousness and gave itself over to the wateriness of the real sun.  The name of the ‘real’ sun vanished. There was a treachery of the dark things and  FOREST was stilled – in fact, their dialogue, which had roamed half the night, rounding on the small scratching sounds of nocturnal things,  had lulled itself into silence. So that there was now only the exclamation of this hanging sound.









                                               is —


























The above texts were produced as part of  SUNBEAM and FOREST, a month long residency by Julia Calver at WRITING/ EXHIBITION/ PUBLICATION. Julia has described the project as follows:

SUNBEAM and FOREST exist inside an interminable argument which takes place at the level of the forest floor. They argue over who forms the ultimate frame for their ongoing dialogue. This work switches on and off through various iterations as SUNBEAM slips into periods of silence and then ‘reawakens’ in new ideas. Performances throughout the exhibition; texts in the space to take away.

NOTES: (1) was first performed at The Pigeon Wing for the opening of WRITING/ EXHIBITION/ PUBLICATION on September 3rd 2010; (2) was performed alongside an evening of films by Matthew MacKisack at The Pigeon Wing on September 17th 2010. The final part of the project will be performed at the closing event on 3rd October. 

BIO Julia Calver is a member of antepress and recently completed the MFA in Art Writing at Goldsmiths. Recent work includes a performative reading as part of Work in Progress; Art on the Underground and FormContent residencies; and Digestives, an ongoing Resonance FM art writing radio series.


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