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seekers of lice cover draft

Theatre of Objects by seekers of lice (VerySmallKitchen, 2012) front cover.



The first in a new series of VSK Paperbacks is THEATRE OF OBJECTS by seekers of lice, collecting texts from 2008-2012, including LOUSE FACTORY, dumb show, and The Bride of L’Amor-mor-l’amor.

As seekers of lice observes in a recent dialogue with VerySmallKitchen:

seekers of lice isn’t a pseudonym, it’s a space to inhabit with its own separate existence.

There was a manifesto for objects, demanding the space to speak. So Theatre of Objects was an imagined theatre not of seekers of lice but of the objects themselves. Benjamin Buchloh writes about the “object theater of fluxus”. I wondered what an object theatre was.

I see the scripts as different to other forms: scripts as dialogues, the spoken word interacting between separate characters, consecutive speeches are read as responses in some form to the previous speech. They point to an existence beyond the writer.


THEATRE OF OBJECTS by seekers of lice, 102pp, VerySmallKitchen 2012. Available for £7 + £2 UK P&P.  Please inquire for postage to other countries.









Act 3 The Shine on The Nose by seekers of lice



seekers of lice6_Page_013seekers of lice6_Page_014seekers of lice6_Page_015


THEATRE OF OBJECTS was launched at X Marks the Bokship on December 11th 2012. Ladies of the Press, Becky Cremin and Ryan Ormonde, and David Kelly (performed by Eleanor Brown) were invited to interpret texts in the book.


1. Becky Cremin and Ryan Ormonde


2. Ladies of the Press


3. David Kelly (performed by Eleanor Brown)







seekers of lice6_Page_042seekers of lice6_Page_043seekers of lice6_Page_044seekers of lice6_Page_045


manifesto for a new ab-ab-ab-ab surdism by seekers of lice. Invitation to read aloud accompanied by David Kelly’s MANIFESTO AT NORTH POLE ROAD.






See also by seekers of lice on VerySmallKitchen the e-chapbook LILMP and the installation creamy language.


Purchase a copy of THEATRE OF OBJECTS for £7 plus £2 UK P&P here.








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