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Please join us for the next incarnation of the ART WRITING FIELD STATION on Mar 7th 2010 at:

Unit 9, Sara Lane Studios
60 Stanway Street 
London, N1 6RE

from 5.30- 8.00pm. A map is here

The Story so far: During our event at the Five Years Gallery, Marianne Holm Hansen created a lexicon of art writing  (see images above) out of performances/ lectures/ screenings by David Berridge, Tamarin Norwood, COMPULSIVE HOLDING (Hyun Jin Cho and David Johnson) and Matthew MacKisack.  For our discussion on the 7th we will return to these lists, to see what can be proposed and unfolded from them.

The lexicons are part of Marianne’s  For The Record (A written conversation) project. The evening on the 7th will be an informal series of readings, interventions, performances, that use these images and their vocabulary as the starting point for a conversation. Proposals for presentations are invited. These may as simple as selecting a particular word for our consideration, replacing a word, suggesting ways of grouping words, and/or offering a short commentary.

Or they may be as complicated as no-budget, a studio space,  and up to 15 minutes allows.  Throughout the evening we will compile the final pamphlet in the first ART WRITING FIELD STATION chapbook project.

Please email if you would like to attend and/or present. Please note that it is not necessary to have attended the original Five Years event as we will be working solely from Marianne’s lexicon. Please bring a bottle.

The night will also feature the grand(-ish) launch of the ART WRITING FIELD STATION ARCHITECTURAL OPPORTUNITY COMPETITION.  

ALSO COMING SOON: ART WRITING FIELD STATION goes to Leeds, MAR 27th 2010, 10.30 -1.30pm (in collaboration with OPEN DIALOGUES & Writing Encounters). More details to follow.

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