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First Announcement by THE COMMUNICATION COMPANY, Haight Ashbury, 1967


VerySmallKitchen invite submissions for a series of A3 broadsides, to be published as part of The Writer’s House, a live writing and publication project as part of AWAY DAY, a three day festival of art and performance in Wandle Park, Colliers Wood, London, 29-31 May 2010.

There are no prescriptions as to the content of the posters, but submissions are invited which engage with how both event and park can function as a place of publication and distribution. For more details about the AWAY DAY event see here

A series of broadsides will be selected and distributed in Wandle Park, Colliers Wood. Copies will also be available for online download and included in a print publication of THE WRITER’S HOUSE project. 

Writers from any geographical location are invited to submit. The final selection will include a number of writers who are able to attend the event for live readings of their broadsides.  

Please send your contribution as a one page A3 black and white PDF exactly as you wish it to be published to David Berridge at verysmallkitchen@gmail. 

Also include a short 100 word bio, and indicate whether or not you are available to read your broadside during the event. The deadline is May 20th 2010.


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