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Joseph Fletcher 14 June - 2 August 2008 (installation) 2008, RE:Drawing, Oriel Davies Gallery


This is the beginning of an outline: explanatory, digressive, problematic, excessive perhaps, but motivated and adhering to a particular logic.

  1. There is the question of the sentence, its terms, in essence: what is it to mean?
  2. How are we to interpret this passage? From one side to another, broaching a space between? Or transgressing a virginal purity ñ is this a fundamentally assertive act?
  3. Is it conceivable to talk of spacing here? Is there an order of magnitude? Something like concentric circles of diminishing efficacy, or perhaps a linear model if direction and effective variation are to be accounted for.
  4. What are the points in all of this? Origin and closure, the locus of proliferation and convergence, would be appropriate in some aspects but not all. Would they go far enough to characterise what has occurred? Is this ultimately futile?
  5. What has proximity to do with this situation? And what happens if I wasnít listening? If taken in all sincerity, what is the result of a diminished comprehension? Does this performance occur? On what scale or framework of effect could the possible accomplishment of such a performance be measured?
  6. Maybe I struggle to read clearly. But would it make any difference?
  7. Where exactly might these concerns degenerate to?
  8. Working provisionally, as a hesitant conclusion, there appears to be a single point to which we always return ñ or rather a point and a line ñ an anchoring of this gesture and delimiter of enunciation. A point which may be the focus of this questioning, and could also be considered to be the centre from which it originates. That which, in the manner of an analogy, may define or map what has occurred, in one sense a definitive split and at the same time a holding-together.



Joseph Fletcher, Verbal Performance, The Wandle Park Broadside, 2010


Based in Cwmgwrach, Neath in Wales, Joe describes himself as “an artist and writer whose work is predominantly concerned with the functions and constructions of authorial discourse, and their role in the production and mediation of the art-work.”

Joe’s VERBAL PERFORMANCE (above) was published as THE WANDLE PARK BROADSIDE as part of  THE WRITER’S HOUSE at AWAY DAY. It is available as an A3  for PDF download  here.


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