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This week I am in residency at COPENHAGEN PLACE, a new gallery and studio space in East London. I am working each day in the space according to the following score:




On Wednesday I am curating one of Copenhagen Place’s monthly crit nights. Full details of this are above and here is some more information about the particular presentations:

HYUN JIN CHO show an extract from her film MEET THE ARTIST. She writes:

In May I took part in Away Day, a weekend event featuring site-specific artworks for three public parks in South London.  My work was a video entitled “Meet the Artist” in which each of the participating artists was interviewed for his or her own conception of public art.  Their conversations were collected in video, transcribed, and edited together – resulting in a single text.  Using the transcript, I filmed two actors performing/reading the text in alternating sections of the artist’ words – in the manner of two people conversing but a conversation composed of 20 different voices.

In a sense, the video is a study of a group of artists collectively who are involved in public art practice – including myself : what are we offering?  what is achievable?  what is the significance of a public setting?  to whom do we expect to communicate? (The final video was 40 minutes in length and composed of 5 acts;  it was shown, with the artist’s in attendance, at a closing night event at a local pub.)


The performance will address one of the main issues around contemporary time-based art, the one of the present, not the historical present that circumscribes the work context but the here and now that makes a live event physically true. I’ve been starting to think about questions related to how art, specifically the activity of creating, occupies time when being devised, rehearsed and presented, in an attempt to transfer the time of the process of making into the time of the live event.

MARY YACOOB will present the full series of BULLETIN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MICRO POETICS- time drawings made as part of her contribution to VerySmallKitchen’s  DEPARTMENT OF MICRO POETICS project at the AC Institute in New York.

PATRICK COYLE writes “I recently had a stamp made of the ‘spellcheck squiggle.’ I am thinking about how to return an ‘analogue-inspired’ digital graphic back to the analogue world. I am also thinking about places in which to test it out, as part of a kind of proof-reading service, as i am obsessive about spelling, although not always correct!”

COPENHAGEN CRIT NIGHT will be a testing ground for this work in progress, which will be shown at the New York Art Bookfair and (as part of the art writing collective antepress) at the  New Art Gallery, Walsall.

PRESENT ATTEMPT propose the following:

We have been doing some work around developing a performance lecture relating to our performance Networks 1.0 which we did in summer 2009 and was a 24 hour journey round the country which ‘attempted to connect all the people in the world’.

There is some info about it on the project blog here. We have a few things we have been working on lately in relation to relating that time back to an audience and particularly exploring the impossibility/failure of our attempt to do this and also our dependancy on several networks (road, internet, social) and this all in relation to how we feel about it now.

In this context we have also been asking ‘what does it mean to be late for your own performance?’

I am also curating an installation of Achim Lenegerer’s SCRIPTINGS project. More information on that is here.


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