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The VerySmallKitchen Summer School will take place at the Totalkunst Gallery, Edinburgh, between August 7-10th 2011. Participants are sought for a small group of practitioners who will work together for three days in the Totalkunst Gallery space, as well as devise and participate in evening events.

The summer school is part of a two week text festival curated by VerySmallKitchen and Mirja Koponen/ Totalkunst Gallery. Participants will also be invited to contribute to a final weekend of exhibitions, performances and conversations on 19-20 August.

VerySmallKitchen will present a number of sessions that unfold from its recent work, including sessions on minimalist poetry, documentary poetics, poets theatre, and boundaries of experimental poetics and art practice. We seek proposals for further sessions/ workshops/ group projects that could take place in the Totalkunst Gallery space.

The final form of the Summer School will unfold from the work proposed and the interests of the group. We welcome proposals that unfold connections of language, writing and art practice, and hope to explore a range of contemporary and historical practices for consideration alongside those of the participants themselves.

Participants should be able to attend all four days of the Summer School, beginning with an opening event on the evening of the 7th. There is no charge for participation. Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. Please note that the event takes place during the Edinburgh Festival, so this should be booked as soon as possible.

Whilst we wish the project to be as open access as possible, the size of the Totalkunst Gallery means places are strictly limited.

TO APPLY: Please send an email outlining the reasons for your interest in the summer school, and include a proposal (250-500 words) for a session you would like to run, to David Berridge  Proposals will be accepted and responded to ongoingly from today until spaces are full.


Mirja Koponen, Dispersals, Totalkunst Gallery, 2010

The I AM NOT A POET festival as a whole is still taking shape but here is a rough outline of the structure:

From 7th-21st August Totalkunst Galley and VerySmallKitchen present I AM NOT A POET, a two week project exploring relationships of language, writing and art practice, through a mix of open call, curated and invited work.

I AM NOT A POET has three parts. From 7th to 10th the VerySmallKitchen Summer School makes the gallery space into work space/ exhibition for  exploring a wide range of language based art practice. Between 11th and 18th, the Totalkunst Gallery space has been offered to a range of individuals and groups for 1-3 day “micro-exhibitions.” Artists have been asked to consider how the Totalkunst Gallery can be a generative space in which to produce and show work, emphasizing both display and discussion.

On 19-20 August I AM NOT A POET will conclude with a two day exhibition-event that unfolds from the two weeks, including work by participants on the summer school and contributions from invited participants from Edinburgh’s poetry and art scenes.

I AM NOT A POET is collaboration between David Berridge (VerySmallKitchen) and Mirja Koponen (Totalkunst Gallery).


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