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Exchange Value #1; 17 September 2010

[the moment where 

                the evidence is]

this catapult stress entry-point as stitch, as flutter
heartbeat and fingerprinting fiasco

as handle
as conductor
as pivot
as machine
as line

as such I brackets the length of corridor, a

written conversation
transcribed —
— for spatialisation

to braid interloper sun into silhouettes, a graphic language or
bid for some share of these

[neon geometries] the joint design loosening
I attends the grace instruction

action/beforemath         facing down         the document aftermath

to trace any intersection of mark, mobility
or passable other

however fragile letting flutter-flutter

to give [record] to take

Kai Fierle-Hedrick, Exchange Value #1


Learning machines
(for Kai, Exchange Value #1)

Aphorisms are done for the

Whole mass of documents that capture and fix them

Extension of and agent external to the body

So the speaker is the engine oil, what needs the additive

GRUUB can accesss the entiree diissk

Guns a-flutter with no evidence of microinvasion

You realize how important “feeling whole” is

With you my self-confidence has sky rocketed

But a time machine wouldn’t look like a booth with spinning wheels

The only way to seal the gap is leather soaked in oil

Mixed in with your soup

Your documentary can document anything 

Such evidence accrued despite the best efforts of lacy aprons 

Build a machine to fill up the pause in conversation

Self here is the implied mental comfort

A low ratio of formative roots and limber joints   

Replete with just-before-recess name-calling 

I vacate the moment when necessary

You see me there

It’s that abstract.


The above work by Kai Fierle-Hedrick and Rachel Zolf  was the outcome of their residency in the DEPARTMENT OF MICRO POETICS at the AC Institute, New York City on September 17th 2010.  Kai and Rachel describe the project as follows:

Rachel Zolf and Kai Fierle-Hedrick will collaborate – via an on-site/off-site residency at the AC Institute – to write a sequence of poems responding to the exhibition EXCHANGE VALUE. Fierle-Hedrick will write on-site at the gallery, and at the end of each session will forward an ekphrastic poem to Zolf. 

Responding via The Tolerance Project – a collaborative MFA in Creative Writing rooted in an online archive of “poetic DNA” traces donated by 86 writers, artists and thinkers – Zolf will identify a set of search terms in Fierle-Hedrick’s poem and use these to generate a new response from within The Tolerance Project’s archive. 

Zolf’s poetic permutation will then serve as the starting point for Fierle-Hedrick’s next session in the gallery, and so on. The residency explores a variety of exchanges – ekphrastic, dialogic, technological – in addition to embodying some of the challenges and creative loopholes of distance collaboration.

The residency continues on September 24th 2010.

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