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seekers of lice, Invent the Present (part II), 2010


On Saturday September 25th 1.30-4.30, WRITING/ EXHIBITION/ PUBLICATION presents an afternoon of performances, discussions and installations. 

1.30pm How To Blush – performance lecture by seekers of lice:

 “The talk as an installation space: How to blush is a collaged text circling around blushing via the life of the bedbug, the colour puce, visceral reactions, earlobes, Sappho…”

2.00-3.30pm LemonMelon Publishing Seminar.

LemonMelon extends the following invitation: Please join!!! LemonMelon would like to discuss the following with you

a book as strategy
a book as a living organism
a book as a platform for research
a book as an exhibition space
a book as a place of collaboration
a book as nearly invisible publishing
a book as structure

Specifically invited contributors are asked to present their publications and to respond to the above.

Contributers include: seekers of lice, Phil Baber/ Cannon, David Berridge/ VerySmallKitchen, James Davies/ If P Then Q, Tamarin Norwoood/ Homologue, Marit Muenzberg/ LemonMelon.

Red Fox Press, C'est Mon Dada and ASSEMBLING archive at WRITING/ EXHIBITION/ PUBLICATION


3.30-4.30pm  Janine Harrington, Performing Book Experiment No.2

“Performing Book Experiment No.2 is a structure for five or more dancers. The work aims to facilitate a playful interaction between the audience-reader and the performers. The structure is only activated when an audience member enters a “channel” of the space, their movement programs the danced material in a certain way. As the activator becomes aware of their role as co-author of the work they are able to play with the structure, changing the direction of movement, its relationship to time and scale.”


The 25th will be the conclusion of Phil Baber’s The Archaeology of an Essay installation, the result of a 3 day residency at WRITING/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION:

“Through artifacts, images, and texts, I’ll be unpacking, plotting, and presenting the ‘source-code’ of an essay-in-progress.” 

The Festival of Nearly Invisible Publishing also continues to unfold with  Greetings from DEAL – an installation by Colin Priest, Malcolm Hobbs and Joe Reeves – plus the online launch of LIKE IT IS: PRELUDE, an e-book by Nyeema Morgan, and an announcement of five Titles by Raqs Media Collective

WRITING/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION concludes with a final weekend of performances and events  on October 2-3. See full programme of events here.


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