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The first Acronyms were created by using systems. For example taking the second letter of each of a set of words

As the project developed the letters were chosen unsystematically. For example choosing the second and fourth letters from a set of two words 

In the later stages Acronyms were created which did not have their roots in words at all

The Acronyms were then shuffled

The words which the acronyms stand for (where they do stand for words) are forgotten

All Acronyms are now essentially the same in structure but not process

In the ‘real world’ acronyms often take the place of the set of words

Acronyms always have heavy pragmatic value

The viewer can choose to give these Acronyms a meaning or take them as concrete object

None of these Acronyms are copies. However in some senses they are readymades in that many of them have already been invented by somebody else: google many of these Acronyms and you will see

These works are not conceptual

These works are conceptual

James Davies 2010


ACRONYMS(MS) by James Davies was first published in Onedit here. It was installed as a video installation at The Pigeon Wing as part of WRITING/ EXHIBITION/ PUBLICATION from Sept 3- Oct 3 2010.

A text installation of ACRONYMS(MS) was included in VerySmallKitchen’s DEPARTMENT OF MICRO-POETICS at the AC Institute, New York from Sep 9-Oct 16th 2010.

James edits If P Then Q and is co-organiser of The Other Room. PLANTS will be published by Reality Street in 2011, and The Manual Handling Process is published by Beard of Bees. He collaborates with Simon Taylor as JOY AS TIRESOME VANDALISM.


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