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The latest VSK chapbook is nick-e melville’s EDITORIAL, which is available for online consumption and PDF dowload here. EDITORIAL begins:




fiend kills girlfriend’s mum
over wedding snu


it’s good to pay
for careless drivers

first de playwright JB Priestley.
              poet Samuel
Taylor Coleridge

80 Lap
Mixed Lots


sentencing backlash
as riot moth
is set free

oil stopped

David Mellor famously
warned that the British
press was now “inking
in the loon”.

South Africa
selected art up to 2012
the Big word
Andy Devl

like a nit
George’s plan isn’t quite
stacking up



EDITORIAL began as an installation of the day’s newspapers at the Totalkunst Gallery, Edinburgh 20/21 August 2011, the concluding installation of I AM NOT A POET.







Tippex and marker pens were available, and a score invited “tippex the papers and correct the news.” As the notes to this chapbook explain:



words made from tippex deletions.

words in brackets are words added in tippex by participants
words in bold are words added by participants with black marker, one provided or their own.
words in red are words added by participant(s) in red marker.
words in square brackets describe images made by tippex.

each variation comes from a separate notational revolution round the gallery.




EDITORIAL will be launched as part of Evergreen at X Mark’s the Bökship on 30th March  2012.



A u u with no and thos’

our guid heap


outrage as Tussaud’s
defends its right
to say Heil Hitler

Last minute sale
Bank Bargains!

Honeymoon horror
Killer was White

a moral bound
the pup that won
Cilla’s ear








nick-e melville’s work is also part of VerySmallKitchen’s I AM NOT A POET ASSEMBLING.

Other tippex works by nick-e were part of THETEXTISTHETEXT (co-curated with Gerry Smith), an online version of which is on VerySmallKitchen here.

See a recent interview and reading at The Other Room here.



the man who spent
£15,000 to shed pounds

park boss heck
over light sides

fat spread as city’s tin walls join the strike
tens of 1000s of port
man who relishes a fight
everything it touches
turns to ash

the new capital
one world
mastercard will
pay you back hands

charge the bank




Continue reading here.



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